Public hunting for quality internet

“I have problems with my Instagram and Facebook, it is not even possible to send a WhatsApp! Is your internet working?“ was probably most common question yesterday evening. The general public rarely understands how problems of one provider relate to the problems of the whole system. And I can almost bet that regulators around globe … Read more

CJEU: Zero rating offers violate network neutrality

The Court of Justice of the European Union, CJEU, published important judgements regarding network neutrality. It responded to two German courts who are deciding disputes between operators and regulators over limitations of zero-rated offers. The CJEU considers zero-rated offers non-compliant with the EU law. Two German courts, the Administrative Court Cologne and the Higher Regional … Read more

Broadband map on Open Nettest portal

Broadband map of Open Nettest portal

There are several new interesting features in the most current version of Open Nettest public portal. One of those is the new broadband map. We spent considerable amount of time to understand how users use broadband map and how to improve that experience. Based on this understanding, we set several design goals that the new … Read more

New zero-rated offering of Orange Slovakia

New zero-rated offering from Orange Slovakia in consumers' living room.

Slovak regulator RÚ investigates Orange Slovakia compliance with net neutrality for its new zero-rated offer, the watchdog’s spokesman confirmed for Several mobile operators have offered zero-rated add-on packages since long. RÚ has considered them compliant with the net neutrality rules so far. So, what is different now?

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Save the Date: Thursday 25 June 2020

Open Nettest

Please take a note of the upcoming 2020 Open Nettest Expert Exchange. This virtual conference will take place on 25th of June 2020 in the forenoon.  Taking advantage of the online format, a range of topics will be discussed and presented, including: Lessons learned: Marketing campaigns for crowdsourcing measurement tools 5G and the new generation of … Read more

European internet proves Corona-resistant

The Corona-crisis underlined the significance of connectivity. Europe feared a collapse of broadband networks due to a significant traffic increase. Despite that, the networks withstood the load. The recently published internet capacity report by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) proves that, too.

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