Are Spectrum auctions last season?

The distribution of spectrum bands has always been quite an important topic for regulators and telecommunication companies. With the transition to the new digital era, which the onset of the global pandemic has also boosted, this issue has become more acute than ever. Technology is evolving, 5G is becoming available to more and more users … Read more

Public hunting for quality internet

“I have problems with my Instagram and Facebook, it is not even possible to send a WhatsApp! Is your internet working?“ was probably most common question yesterday evening. The general public rarely understands how problems of one provider relate to the problems of the whole system. And I can almost bet that regulators around globe … Read more

Norway 5G auction supports rural rollout

The Norwegian telecoms regulator NKOM announced completion of the 5G auction. Four mobile network operators, Altibox, Ice Communication Norge, Telia Norge and Telenor Norge, won licences in the 2.6 GHz and 3.6 GHz spectrum bands. These will serve to roll out 5G networks, especially supported in rural areas. The total price of the licences amounts to NOK 3.89bn (€389m).

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CJEU: Zero rating offers violate network neutrality

The Court of Justice of the European Union, CJEU, published important judgements regarding network neutrality. It responded to two German courts who are deciding disputes between operators and regulators over limitations of zero-rated offers. The CJEU considers zero-rated offers non-compliant with the EU law. Two German courts, the Administrative Court Cologne and the Higher Regional … Read more

Croatia awards 5G spectrum to operators

Croatian regulator HAKOM announced results of the 5G auction. The bidding started on 12 July 2021. HAKOM issued the licences to operators on 12 August 2021. Total proceeds from the auction amount to HRK 359m (€48m). Specure Auction Platform was used during the award process. Nine bidders competed for national 5G licences in the bands … Read more

Long Spectrum Auctions

Auctions have been used by governments to sell spectrum for years. Successful auctions organized by the US Federal Communications Commission in 1994-1996 popularized this method of spectrum allocation. That was generating huge revenues for the US government and becoming an example for other countries to follow. In Europe, the first attempts to use auctions for … Read more

Spain completes 5G auction in 700 MHz band

Spain completed 5G auction in the 700 MHz band. The bidding took only two days. The total proceeds from the auction exceed €1bn. Third 5G auction in Spain Spanish Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation launched the spectrum auction in the 700 MHz band on 20 July. The auction closed on 21 July after 12 … Read more

Small and regional providers win 5G spectrum in Canada

Canada concluded the 3500 MHz spectrum auction on 23 July 2021. The minister of innovation, science and industry announced that as intended, small and regional providers increased their spectrum holdings. The minister thus expects that Canadians will benefit from higher-quality telecom services at competitive prices as a result of the auction. The total proceeds from the … Read more