Spain completes 5G auction in 700 MHz band

Spain completed 5G auction in the 700 MHz band. The bidding took only two days. The total proceeds from the auction exceed €1bn. Third 5G auction in Spain Spanish Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation launched the spectrum auction in the 700 MHz band on 20 July. The auction closed on 21 July after 12 … Read more

Small and regional providers win 5G spectrum in Canada

Canada concluded the 3500 MHz spectrum auction on 23 July 2021. The minister of innovation, science and industry announced that as intended, small and regional providers increased their spectrum holdings. The minister thus expects that Canadians will benefit from higher-quality telecom services at competitive prices as a result of the auction. The total proceeds from the … Read more

Broadband map on Open Nettest portal

Broadband map of Open Nettest portal

There are several new interesting features in the most current version of Open Nettest public portal. One of those is the new broadband map. We spent considerable amount of time to understand how users use broadband map and how to improve that experience. Based on this understanding, we set several design goals that the new … Read more

Poland: Consulting and execution of a spectrum auction in 3.4-3.8GHz band (2018-2021)


Specure has been involved in the frequency auction of the 3.4-3.8GHz band in 2019-2021 in Poland. Specure’s in-house software was used in the process, with customisations according to UKE’s in-house rules and the Polish legislative. The project consisted of two on-site workshops; the delivery of software followed by a software testing please. In addition the … Read more

Belgium: Consulting and execution of a series of spectrum auctions (2018-2021)


Consortium Auctiometrix – Specure has been involved in the consulting and preparation of a series of spectrum auctions of 700MHz, 900MHz, 1400MHz, 1800MHz, 2GHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz and 3600MHz bands. The project consisted of consultancy services, incl. two on-site workshops, software delivery and testing. The project is still ongoing.

Austria: RTR Nettest (2019 – 2021)


From 2019, we implemented several improvements in the open source code of RTR Nettest, a mobile and fixed line broadband measurement solution of the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications – RTR GmbH. Among other improvements, we added 5G support and implemented new features such as continuous signal measurements. More information about the RTR-Nettest … Read more