Czech 5G spectrum auction ends with five winners

On Friday, 13. November 2020, the national regulator CTU announced the results of the Czech 5G spectrum auction. The regulator distributed all available blocks in the 700 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz bands. As a result, five operators won the valuable spectrum for 5G networks. However, two operators ended up empty-handed. CTU launched the 5G auction … Read more

Old windmill in Belgium

Belgian spectrum auction delay forces BIPT to act

BIPT, the Belgian regulator, awarded provisional licences until the distribution of spectrum user rights in the long-planned spectrum auction. Five operators thus got an opportunity to launch 5G networks even before the award of standard long-term licences.

New zero-rated offering from Orange Slovakia in consumers' living room.

New zero-rated offering of Orange Slovakia

Slovak regulator RÚ investigates Orange Slovakia compliance with net neutrality for its new zero-rated offer, the watchdog’s spokesman confirmed for Several mobile operators have offered zero-rated add-on packages since long. RÚ has considered them compliant with the net neutrality rules so far. So, what is different now?

France completes 5G auction

On 1 October 2020, the French regulator ARCEP announced the completion of the spectrum auction in the band 3.4-3.8 GHz. The total proceeds from the auction amount to € 2.786bn for the total of 310 MHz spectrum.

Hong Kong harbour

5G spectrum auction consultation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Communications Authority (CA) conducts two award consultations for an upcoming 5g spectrum auction. CA plans to award frequencies in the bands 600 MHz and 700 MHz. Besides, they also want to reassign spectrum in the band 850 MHz.

Czech regulator launches 5G auction

On 7 August 2020, the Czech regulator CTU published the call for tenders for the 5G auction. The regulator will distribute the spectrum in the bands 700 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz. The bidders can apply until 30 September 2020.

Only Vodafone Ireland happy with the auction format

In Ireland, the consultation on the proposed draft multi-band auction regulations continues. The regulator ComReg published the non-confidential versions of the comments on its website. The only MNO who agrees with the proposed 5G auction format is Vodafone Ireland. The other three would like to see a different format.

BIPT awards temporary 5G licences

Belgian regulator BIPT awarded temporary 5G licences in the 3600-3800 MHz band to five operators. Orange Belgium, Telenet Group, Cegeka, Entropia Investments and Proximus will get 40 MHz spectrum each. The provisional 5G licences shall be valid until an auction is organised.

Open Nettest Experts Exchange with focus on 5G

Martes Specure is aware of the challenges 5G networks pose on adapting of QoS measurement tools. Therefore the company organized the Open Nettest Experts Exchange on 25 June 2020. More than 40 participants from 17 countries discussed topics related to 5G readiness, high-speed measurements and complaint management.


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