Team Specure

We work closely with national telecom regulatory agencies and help them fulfill their regulatory obligations. Please choose the area of interest below.

Specure Auctions

Spectrum Auction Consulting Services

Our team has over 10 years of experience providing spectrum auction consulting services. This includes consultancy on the auction rules, risks and other specifics related to the implementation and delivery of spectrum auctions. Read more…

Open Nettest

Broadband KPIs monitoring with Open Nettest

In the ‘always-on’ world of the web, having a reliable connection to the Internet is vital. But the only way to tell if the service is performing adequately is by monitoring the broadband key performance indicators. Read more…

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Denmark awards 5G frequency bands

Denmark successfully completes its multiband spectrum auction. The regulator DEA distributed frequencies in five bands among three major mobile operators. In return, it will collect proceeds amounting to more than … Read more

ComReg spectrum award announced

Irish telecoms regulator ComReg announced 5G multiband spectrum award. More precisely, it published the information memorandum and starts accepting applications from bidders. This stage follows already after many months of … Read more

Broadband map of Open Nettest portal

Broadband map on Open Nettest portal

There are several new interesting features in the most current version of Open Nettest public portal. One of those is the new broadband map. We spent considerable amount of time … Read more


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