Specure GmbH – Vienna – Austria

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Open Nettest Experts Exchange with focus on 5G

Martes Specure is aware of the challenges 5G networks pose on adapting of QoS measurement tools. Therefore the company organized the Open Nettest Experts Exchange on 25 June 2020. More than 40 participants from 17 countries discussed topics related to 5G readiness, high-speed measurements and complaint management.

Quality of Service Project Meeting

Quality of Service Measurement Project – MoQoS

The project MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) facilitated cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe. It did so by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to the Quality of Service of broadband Internet. Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union co-financed the project. The project was based on the principle of enhanced cooperation … Read more

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