Inhabitants of rural areas in Texas complain about inaccurate broadband coverage mapping

The US government is willing to help its citizens inhabiting rural areas with access to broadband internet. To be able to direct the resources specifically to the uncovered locations, the administration needs accurate information about the existing coverage. However, the inhabitants lacking broadband access complain about the inaccuracy of the data provided in fill-in forms by operators, resulting in a significant variation between the reality and theoretical coverage maps, reported Texas Public Radio. A crowdsourcing internet measurement tool could help citizens living in rural areas to get their broadband internet connections and the government to guarantee that the resources are spent efficiently.

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BEREC to update net neutrality guidelines

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) evaluates the implementation of the Open Internet Regulation adopted in the EU in 2015, as well as the BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines issued in 2016. BEREC concludes that the application of both the regulation and the guidelines are working well.

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Visit us at the 14th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

Open Nettest

We are proud to be a part of the the 14th Spectrum Management Conference at BluePoint Brussels, Belgium on 19 – 20 June 2019.

Do not miss the presentation “Open Nettest” of our colleague Mr. Jozef Svrcek, which is a part of the Session 3: A roadmap for the future – Delivering an efficient, forward-looking mobile spectrum landscape. The session 3 takes place on 19th June at 14:00-15:10.

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Ratel hosts meeting on QoS measurement

Serbian regulator Ratel hosted a meeting in Belgrade on the measurement of quality of service (QoS). During the meeting, experts from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia presented and discussed the latest projects and activities in this domain. The participants exchanged their experience from the MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) project implemented in 2017-2018.

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Czech Telecommunication Office deployed a new network comparison portal

Young people comparing mobile network services

A new portal has been successfully deployed by the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU), allowing the public to check the quality of Czech mobile networks. The portal combines results of expert measurements, user data gathered within the application Netmetr and theoretical calculations. CTU wants to extend the tool with additional functions and services, including information about the quality of fixed broadband internet.

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Only two countries in Europe not violating network neutrality principles

Net neutrality

There are only two countries in Europe – Finland and Bulgaria, where there are no violations of the network neutrality principles, follows from the Report on network neutrality in Europe, published by the Austrian data protection NGO The analysis of the European market was carried out with the support of the Chamber of Labour after two and a half years of implementation of the net neutrality legislation.

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Swiss organisation Dispute Resolution Network Neutrality reports no disputes in 2018

Two persons arguing and a mediator

Dispute Resolution Network Neutrality, a Swiss mediation organisation for resolving network neutrality cases, has not received any complaint or resolved any dispute concerning violation of the network neutrality principle during the whole year of 2018. The organisation has two possible explanations for that. Either consumers successfully resolve the issues immediately after addressing their operators, or they have a low awareness of their rights concerning network neutrality.

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Quality of Service Measurement Project – MoQoS

The project MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) facilitated cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe. It did so by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to the Quality of Service of broadband Internet. Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union co-financed the project. The project was based on the principle of enhanced cooperation … Read more