BEREC to update net neutrality guidelines

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) evaluates the implementation of the Open Internet Regulation adopted in the EU in 2015, as well as the BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines issued in 2016. BEREC concludes that the application of both the regulation and the guidelines are working well.

The implementation of the net neutrality guidelines has been viewed differently by various stakeholders. ISPs would like the net neutrality guidelines to be less stringent, while e. g. consumer organisations require even more stringent rules.

BEREC aims to keep a balance of the views of many stakeholders and concludes there is now no need to shift the balance. There is a consensus among the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) of BEREC they would not reopen discussions on major topics that were settled in 2016.

Nevertheless, BEREC would like to clarify the guidelines in certain instances. It is currently internally discussing the “BEREC Scoping and Discussion document on development of the Update to the BEREC Guidelines on Net Neutrality”. The document is not available to the public yet. The clarification shall be done in 2019, with regular involvement of stakeholders via a written consultation on a draft version of updated Guidelines

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