Czech Telecommunication Office deployed a new network comparison portal

A new portal has been successfully deployed by the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU), allowing the public to check the quality of Czech mobile networks. The portal combines results of expert measurements, user data gathered within the application Netmetr and theoretical calculations. CTU wants to extend the tool with additional functions and services, including information about the quality of fixed broadband internet.

The initiative is a follow-up of the two-year project MoQoS, co-financed from the Connecting Europe Facility, within which several European operators, Specure Austria as a technology partner and the Czech association CZ.NIC cooperated in implementing the open platform Open Nettest across several EU countries.

Open Nettest is an objective, open data and open source tool for gathering user data on crowdsourcing basis. By placing measurement servers in independent locations, such as IP exchange points, rather than directly in the networks of operators, the tool can be used by regulators in fulfilment of their role of a watchdog of compliance of operators with the network neutrality principles.

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