Monitoring Broadband KPIs with Open Nettest

Setting New Standards in Measurement and Monitoring of Broadband KPIs

In the ‘always-on’ world of the web, having a reliable connection to the Internet is vital. But the only way to tell if the service is performing adequately is by monitoring the broadband key performance indicators (KPIs).

While speed is, of course, important, that’s not the only parameter you should be looking at. There are a number of other broadband KPIs that influence the Internet service quality.

Yet, most online internet metric tools out there only measure the basics, such as speed and ping; they can’t guarantee quality. With the right tool, regulators, internet providers, as well as end-users can benefit. That’s why Specure is proud to offer Open Nettest, an internet service monitoring tool. Open Nettest measures a comprehensive range of indicators, including quality of service and net neutrality tests. All of these tests can help accurately gauge the overall quality of the connection.

Empowering the consumers

We empower end users with Open Nettest; by giving them a powerful tool for crowdsource measurement, data visualization and analysis.

And that can make a big difference when it comes to both improving the service and empowering the end users.

By providing Open Nettest to the general public, you demonstrate that you are committed to improving the current status quo. In addition, it shows the dedication to transparency when it comes to the quality of network, adding value for end-users. Not only will Open Nettest help you engage consumers and boost their trust in the telecom regulatory authority. You can also use the results to guard the development of new and improvement of existing services.

Open Nettest works for both fixed line and mobile services. The client apps are available for all major browsers, as well as Android and iOS devices. It provides useful information for end-users, as well as Internet service providers and technicians. There are even hardware probes available that can constantly monitor the internet quality. If the any of the monitored broadband KPIs is degraded, the platform will automatically alert you accordingly.

These are just a few of the ways Specure is helping regulators achieve their goals and deliver better services. Read on to discover how Open Nettest, our Internet monitoring solution, is delivering benefits for our clients in many countries…

…and, more importantly, how we can help you too!

Crowdsourced measurements

A cost-effective way to measure the broadband KPIs.

A challenge for any regulator is helping the customers to understand and verify the level of service they purchased. One way consumers can do this is through a speedtest app designed to test customers’ connections. This app provides information on basic parameters of the internet connection, such as speed and quality.

Of course, there are already a number of apps in the marketplace that can do this. But what makes Open Nettest different is that our platform is based on open, transparent methodology and follows industry standards. Moreover, we specifically designed it for telecom regulators, with monitoring of specific broadband KPIs in mind. This can make a huge difference when it comes to adding value to your organization and enabling the consumers to get transparent and understandable results.

Open Nettest technology is able to do that with a tailored user interface. It can be customized to report on a number of insightful features. Regulators can also use Open Nettest for troubleshooting and quality control, as service issues can be identified early and rectified.

The crowdsourcing application is available for the major web browsers and as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Thus, Open Nettest can let you reach and support a wide range of end users, who access their Internet services with a variety of network devices and technologies.

Open Nettest Mobile App Explainer Video

Improve service and prevent issues before they affect consumers

Monitoring of broadband KPIs with hardware probes

Our hardware has been designed to the same high standard as our software. As a result, it is an efficient method to collect KPI data at specific locations. Open Nettest Probes are non-intrusive for customers. Yet, they provide an convenient, transparent way to facilitate end-to-end monitoring of the network quality and the specific broadband KPIs. This allows operators and regulators to pre-empt network quality issues, without the customer noticing any degradation in service provision.

New generation of the hardware probes

We developed our methodology and metrics from the ground up to be compatible with current regulatory standards. It works synergistically with our mobile and desktop apps, making Open Nettest a comprehensive, fully featured platform. In fact, our technology has proven so effective, it is the de-facto standard used by several European regulators. These countries include Austria, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and others. Open Nettest probes are a great option for anyone looking for an in-depth understanding of service quality from the end user perspective. This includes regulators, MNOs, ISPs, research bodies and other organisations who can benefit from the data, whether that’s to do research, monitor markets, or resolve enquiries and complaints.

Open Nettest Consumer Portal

An interactive data portal that grants the best visibility to consumers

Specure helps the end user understand the results of their measurements as well as offering an aggregated view of the quality of the Internet services offer.

Open Nettest Consumer Portal is a web site designed to collect the information from thousands of measurements and let the users see at a glance the performance of the different networks.

Broadband KPIs visualization for Consumers

User-friendly, easy to understand and simple to interact with, Open Nettest Consumer Portal offers aggregated information about selected broadband KPIs to the end user, which can compare services delivered in a variety of networks by different service providers.

Open Nettest Regulatory Portal

A portal full of insights that can help better understand the collected broadband KPIs

In a competitive marketplace, having a privileged view of the services delivered by every operator is the key to ensure network quality and user’s satisfaction. Specure can help you do exactly that with Open Nettest Regulatory Portal – a database of metrics and portal comparing internet speeds and quality for fixed-line and mobile networks throughout the world. Significantly, these records have been recorded by end-users and authenticated by our technicians – offering you real-time insights into the customer experience.

Broadband KPIs visualization for Regulator
Broadband KPIs visualization for Regulator

This data from monitoring of broadband KPIs can be invaluable for regulators for a number of reasons. To begin with, regulators can get an overview of how their networks perform in different regions and locations, and compare individual operators, service packages and see the short-term and mid-term trends. For example, you can see how mobile LTE networks have evolved in a particular locality in specific timeframes, including daily periods of internet congestion, such as evening peaks, resulting in slower Internet. And because most of the data has the GPS-coordinates associated with it, you can compare between different regions, or countries, gaining valuable insights.

The Regulatory Portal has information on many regions, thanks to our ongoing partnerships with several European state telecom market regulators.

Open Nettest is Open Source

Specure has put the core components under an open source license and the source code of Open Nettest software is publicly accessible. This is for transparency and reliability reasons to make it possible to understand the test methodology by viewing the actual source-code, and to ensure that measurements are correct and reliable.

Get Open Nettest to work for you

Open Nettest can help regulators, MNOs, ISPs and other organizations achieve their goals by monitoring the broadband KPIs. It gives regulators a powerful tool for monitoring the internet service quality, by promoting transparency of the collected data. It also empowers end-users who can verify the quality of their service and make informed decisions.

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