Public hunting for quality internet

“I have problems with my Instagram and Facebook, it is not even possible to send a WhatsApp! Is your internet working?“ was probably most common question yesterday evening. The general public rarely understands how problems of one provider relate to the problems of the whole system. And I can almost bet that regulators around globe got more than just a few inquires about the internet availability. How did we get there?
Internet became a necessity quite a while ago but only the lockdown, which forced most of us to stay at home longer than ever before, showed the ugly truth. A quality internet is essential for our world to continue spinning like has been before. It enables us to work from home, shop online, be in touch with the family and friends. While the responsibility of controlling the internet service providers lays on the shoulders of the regulators, also the public wants to know more about how this control is exercised.
After all, the end users pay good money for the internet access product.
Thus the regulators face a new challenge: How to provide the information in efficient and understandable way to consumers?
Open Nettest is a tool used in several regulators in Europe and beyond to empower end-users to understand the quality of their internet and provides national regulators with data and comprehensive reports on internet quality

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