Slovak operators decide on 5G suppliers

Four Slovak mobile operators decide on suppliers for future 5G networks. The only operator who has it clear already is Orange. It announced cooperation with Nokia, reported Slovak Telekom has not taken any decision yet. O2 Slovakia runs a tender to select a supplier. Finally, the fourth MNO 4ka admits being in touch with four suppliers: ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson.

In February 2020, Orange Slovensko announced its decision to rely on Nokia as a 5G technology supplier. In particular, the operator does not count on Huawei equipment in any part of its network. This might be an effect of the ongoing security concerns about the Chinese supplier.

O2 Slovakia says it does not eliminate any supplier. In other words, it is open to cooperate with any player who declares his readiness to supply. Meanwhile, the operator launched a tender procedure to select a technology supplier for the 5G network. The selection procedure launched in February might take a couple of months. Subsequently, the operator will announce its 5G supplier.

Slovak Telekom has not decided yet. The operator even does not specify a time horizon for the selection.

The youngest operator on the market, Swan Mobile, operating under the brand 4ka, has not taken a final decision on technology supplier yet. In mid-2019, the operator launched a 5G network with ZTE on a limited territory in Central Slovakia, which might give a hint of a preferred vendor. However, they claim they do not exclude cooperation with any renowned supplier. Additionally, 4ka is currently negotiating with four network equipment suppliers: ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson.

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