New generation hardware probes for Open Nettest

We are happy to announce availability of a new generation hardware probes that work seamlessly with our established platform Open Nettest.

The devices come in different configurations. They can be configured to measure cellular mobile data utilising the built-in modems, so that it is possible to measure several fixed-broadband lines and the cellular broadband internet, all with a single device.

While the first generation based on a device with ARM processor provided
just enough performance for basic measurements, the new generation is based on a more performant Intel architecture. The new probes allow for measurements of several lines from a single device.

The default option is a medium-sized device that allows measurements of up to 1 Gpbs download and upload. The medium-sized device is also a very convenient portable solution for field measurements.

Open Nettest Hardware probe – Medium, 2nd gen. – allows for parallel measurements of fixed-line and cellular broadband internet.

There is also an option to deploy a larger device with more powerful processor and upgraded network interfaces. This device can deploy up to 8 SIM cards and up to 32 ethernet ports, providing state-of-the-art measurements of up to 10 Gpbs.

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