New monitoring tool for regulators

Open Nettest

Now that the Berec NN Tool project is over, there has never been a better time to implement a new, modern monitoring tool.

Our modular platform Open Nettest meets the requirements of ITU, ETSI and Berec. It is also compatible with the new Berec Net Neutrality Tool. Open Nettest includes the consumer crowdsourcing apps, hardware probes for measuring of fixed-line and mobile broadband internet, public portal and a new regulatory reporting portal. Our team of highly trained specialists provide regular monthly services to our regulatory customers. Currently, more than 10 European National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) rely on Specure’s services. We also invest significant resources to improve the platform on regular basis.

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New generation hardware probes for Open Nettest

We are happy to announce availability of a new generation hardware probes that work seamlessly with our established platform Open Nettest.

The devices come in different configurations. They can be configured to measure cellular mobile data utilising the built-in modems, so that it is possible to measure several fixed-broadband lines and the cellular broadband internet, all with a single device.

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Slovak operators decide on 5G suppliers

Four Slovak mobile operators decide on suppliers for future 5G networks. The only operator who has it clear already is Orange. It announced cooperation with Nokia, reported Slovak Telekom has not taken any decision yet. O2 Slovakia runs a tender to select a supplier. Finally, the fourth MNO 4ka admits being in touch with four suppliers: ZTE, Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson.

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