French regulator Arcep publishes report on quality of mobile services

French regulator Arcep has published the 20th edition of the report on the quality of mobile services. The report shows a significant improvement in the service quality of all mobile operators; confirms the leadership of Orange; Bouygues becoming the second leading operator in terms of quality; SFR progressing and Free improving sharply but remaining significantly behind.

Within the annual survey, more than 1.5 million measurements in 2G, 3G and 4G were made throughout the country, in all departments (inside and outside buildings) and in transport.

The survey covered the most popular mobile services: web browsing, video playback, data transfer, SMS and voice calls. The tests carried out on 243 indicators aim to evaluate the performance of operators’ networks, in a strictly comparable way, and under diversified conditions of use.

The quality of mobile internet services is improving significantly for all operators in all areas: rural, intermediate and dense. The average downstream flow in metropolitan France is 45 Mbps (compared to 30 Mbps in 2018).

In mobile Internet, Orange displays the best results on the entire measurement campaign. Bouygues Telecom retains its advantage over SFR. Finally, Free Mobile remains behind but progresses and narrows the gap compared to the other three operators.

In rural areas, Bouygues Telecom achieved the best results, just ahead of Orange and SFR. Free Mobile is making significant progress in terms of downstream speeds, but the quality of experience (video streaming and web browsing) offered by this operator in rural areas remains far behind other operators.

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