Orange Polska tests 5G until end of February

Orange Polska will go on with its 5G tests in Lublin and Warsaw. As readers might recall, in 2019, the operator conducted 5G tests with the broadest range in the country. Thanks to the extension of the testing licence by UKE, the telecom regulator, Orange will test 5G until 29 February.

The testing network consists of 20 base stations. The first nine were launched in Warsaw in September 2019. Later the operator launched another ten in Lublin. At the beginning of 2020, Warsaw got Orange’s tenth base station. This one shall serve for testing communication with drones.

Orange invited many of his clients to test the network. Maximum download speeds exceeded 1.1 Gbps and the average oscillated around 350 Mbps. Testing 5G in its target bands 3.4-3.8 GHz will allow Orange Polska to better prepare itself for the deployment of commercial network. Moreover, it will allow testing of a wider portfolio of 5G terminals and finally create a more attractive commercial offering.

Photo Copyright: Adobe Stock | Антон Медведев

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