Only two countries in Europe not violating network neutrality principles

Net neutrality

There are only two countries in Europe – Finland and Bulgaria, where there are no violations of the network neutrality principles, follows from the Report on network neutrality in Europe, published by the Austrian data protection NGO The analysis of the European market was carried out with the support of the Chamber of Labour after two and a half years of implementation of the net neutrality legislation.

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Germany closes applications for 5G auction

Applications completed

On 26 November 2018, following extensive consultations, the German regulator Bundesnetzagentur opened the qualification procedure for the 5G auction in the 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz (3.4-3.7 GHz) bands. Applications could be submitted until 25 January 2019. The award conditions include obligations for better coverage in both urban and rural areas as well as along transport routes, plus measures to promote competition, such as service provider regulations and national roaming requirements.

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Swiss organisation Dispute Resolution Network Neutrality reports no disputes in 2018

Two persons arguing and a mediator

Dispute Resolution Network Neutrality, a Swiss mediation organisation for resolving network neutrality cases, has not received any complaint or resolved any dispute concerning violation of the network neutrality principle during the whole year of 2018. The organisation has two possible explanations for that. Either consumers successfully resolve the issues immediately after addressing their operators, or they have a low awareness of their rights concerning network neutrality.

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Belgian Regulator Lures Fourth Market Player in 5G Auction

Four bidders competing

Belgian telecom regulator BIPT wants to attract the fourth mobile operator to the market and in the planned 5G auction offers the most convenient conditions for a newcomer from among all European regulators. Although BIPT Chairman Michel Van Bellinghen in his interview for did not specify the identity of the new player, he said the operator has a proven experience from developed mobile markets and sufficient resources for the entry to the Belgian market.

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Quality of Service Measurement Project – MoQoS

The project MoQoS (Measurement of Quality of Service) facilitated cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe. It did so by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to the Quality of Service of broadband Internet. Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union co-financed the project. The project was based on the principle of enhanced cooperation … Read more