Slovenians choose quadruple-play services

Slovenian regulator AKOS has published an analysis of products and services in the retail broadband market for 2018. The analysis was prepared based on inputs from 56 registered active operators.

The AKOS analysis shows that during the observed period, the quadruple-play offers, comprising the internet, TV, fixed telephony and mobile services, continued to be the most frequently selected end-user offering, followed by the triple-play (internet, TV and fixed telephony).

In the observed period, 87.38% of broadband also included a TV service. For the TV service, the average number of TV programmes included in the core service package was 152.

Less than half of end users (46.46%) paid extra for additional services. The average extra charge these users paid for the additional services amounted to €10.47.

In a majority of municipalities (51.1 %) there were three or four different providers active in the retail broadband market.

The average cost of a subscription paid by users was €47.84 for basic services and €50.56 for basic and related services. The total average cost per connection amounted to €50.79, which is an increase compared to the previous period.

Photo Copyright: Adobe Stock | EtiAmmos

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