Slovak Telekom extends 4G+ coverage

Slovak Telekom has brought ist 4G+ network with theoretical speed up to 200 Mbps to 17 new locations. It provides 4G+ through carrier aggregation of the bands 800 and 1800 MHz.

Slovak Telekom newly offers LTE+ with the speeds up to 200 Mbps in 8 recently covered cities and 9 municipalities. Besides, in 27 cities, the operator has been offering 4G+ with even higher speeds – 300, 400, 500 or even 877 Mbps, recalls After adding the 17 new locations, the number of locations covered with LTE+ has grown to 44.

To compare with the coverage of competitors, Orange Slovakia offers 4G+ with theoretical maximum of 300 Mbps to 14 percent of population; in selected bigger cities it offers 150 Mbps or 225 Mbps and on the major part of the territory the speeds 73/23 Mbps are available.

O2 Slovakia offers theoretical maximum of 250 Mbps in a housing estate in the capital city of Bratislava. In several locations the operator has deployed carrier aggregation offering download speed of 227 Mbps. On a part of its network it provides the speeds 105 Mbps and 175 Mbps. Most of the network operates with the speeds 73/23 Mbps.

The fourth mobile operator 4ka offersonly the basic 73 Mbps.

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