Slovak regulator consults on QoS monitoring system

Slovak regulator RÚ consults until 31 January 2020 on a monitoring system for measurement of selected parameters of internet access service quality. The regulator plans to introduce the application MobilTest, provided by Specure, as a certified measurement tool for the monitoring of both fixed and mobile internet access service quality, in line with the EU regulation 2015/2120 on open internet access.

The measurement tool has been available to the public for free via the regulator’s web site since 2017. Based on three years of experience with the system the regulator considers it relevant in terms of measurement results.

Slovak regulator wants to apply it now as a certified tool when:

  • resolving subscribers’ complaints;
  • executing the supervision function over service quality;
  • conducting measurements of speed and other parameters of service quality.

The application MobilTest is provided based on an Open Source licence. It can work with several measurement/ testing servers and selects an optimal server for each individual measurement. Measurements are made using servers located in traffic-independent nodes – in the peering centre SIX Bratislava.

Measurements are done for any operating system and any type of connection, i. e. fixed, nomadic or mobile, comprising primarily the following technologies: xDSL, Ethernet, optical networks, DOCSIS, cable systems, wireless systems (WLAN, MMDS), as well as 2G/3G/4G.

The methodology of the measurements via either the web interface or the application MobilTest and its associated platform have gained trust of several regulatory authorities in Europe for measurement of broadband internet in their respective countries. It allows to compare internet connection quality across those countries. The measurement is independent from operators and internet service providers.

The open data character of the measurement tool allows to export anonymised measurement results in .cvs or .xml formats.

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