Slovak regulator consults on multiband auction

Slovak regulator RU consults until 5th February 2020 on draft multiband auction conditions for award of frequencies in the bands 700 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The proposed format of the auction is SMRA. Bidders shall compete for six blocks of 2×5 MHz each in the 700 MHz band, one block of 2×4.2 MHz in the 900 MHz band and three blocks of 2×3 MHz each in the 1800 MHz band. Total reserve price is proposed at €92.49m.

The 700 MHz band is intended for 5G mobile broadband. Additionally, the regulator wants to award unused spectrum in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands, which operators can use either to increase capacity for the provision of existing 2G/4G services or to provide potentially new M2M or IoT services.

The SMRA (Simultaneous Multi-Round Ascending) auction shall be organised in two parts: combined for the 700 MHz and 900 MHz band; and for the 1800 MHz band.

The 700 MHz available spectrum is divided into 6 abstract auction blocks with the size of 2 x 5 MHz each. This highest category block has a proposed reserve price of €15m.

The 900 MHz band offers in the auction one block of 2×4.2 MHz, offered for the reserve price of €840,000.

The available spectrum in the 1800 MHz band is 2×9 MHz and it shall be divided into three blocks of 2×3 MHz each. One such block shall cost €550,000.

The 1800 MHz band is the one for which RÚ proposes a spectrum cap of 2×20 MHz per bidder, including the spectrum held already. The start of usage of awarded frequencies shall be possible only after six months from the award, as the regulator wants to provide operators some time for voluntary reframing of the band.

The licences shall be valid until the end of 2037 for 700 MHz band and until the end of 2025 for the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands.

For the new licensees of spectrum in the 700 MHz band RÚ proposes coverage development criteria for territory and population, as well as specific highways, express roads and railway corridors.

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