Open Nettest Experts Exchange with focus on 5G

Martes Specure is aware of the challenges 5G networks pose on adapting of QoS measurement tools. Therefore the company organized the Open Nettest Experts Exchange on 25 June 2020. More than 40 participants from 17 countries discussed topics related to 5G readiness, high-speed measurements and complaint management.

Main discussion topics

New release of the RTR Netztest

During the first session, Dietmar Zlabinger from RTR presented a new version of the Austrian national measurement tool RTR Netztest. This tool has been in operation since 2013. The new features include 5G support, signal-only measurements, design update and many other improvements.

RTR Netztest is an open data tool. It provides various statistics on the fixed and mobile operators’ networks. Several filter are available to the user as well. For instance, the tool allows comparing connection quality in various municipalities or districts. As the tool is crowdsourcing-based, RTR appreciates quite a high usage rate – 15,000-20,000 measurements a day. During a peak of the COVID-19 crisis, the number even exceeded 20,000 measurements a day.

Complaint management

Within the following roundtable on complaints management, the participants could exchange their views and experiences. They agreed that the related administrative infrastructure and processes in their countries are, in general, set up well and run smoothly. It is often the case that an end-user addresses his ISP provider first, who in a majority of cases resolves his complaint. Therefore, an escalation to the NRA is often not necessary.

High-speed measurements

After that, Jozef Svrček introduced the results of high-speed measurements using their tool AKOS Test Net in laboratory conditions. The presentation was made on behalf of the Slovenian regulator AKOS.

New regulatory portal and the hardware probes

Finally, Isabel Sánchez, a product manager at Specure, presented automated measurements and data visualization on the upcoming version of the Regulatory portal. She concluded the Open Nettest Experts Exchange by introducing the new generation of hardware probes. These devices succeed the popular Turris routers.

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