5G spectrum auction consultation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Communications Authority (CA) conducts two award consultations for an upcoming 5g spectrum auction. CA plans to award frequencies in the bands 600 MHz and 700 MHz. Besides, they also want to reassign spectrum in the band 850 MHz.

The regulator organises the consultations together with the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (SCED).

The industry will be able to gain a total of 155 MHz of spectrum in the sub-1 GHz band. It includes 70 MHz of spectrum in each of the 600 MHz and 700 MHz bands and 15 MHz of spectrum in the 850 MHz band.

The 600 MHz and 700 MHz will become available after the analogue TV switch-off on 30 November. The spectrum in the 850 MHz band will become due for re-assignment in November 2023.

The regulator designates the 600 MHz spectrum band for indoor use to enhance the mobile services. This way, indoor hotspots e. g. in shopping malls or trains can offer high-quality mobile broadband.

The regulator expects that the assignees will use the frequencies for the development of 5G networks and the Internet of Things. However, the licenses will allow spectrum usage in a technology-neutral manner.

In line with the general trend in many countries to use an electronic spectrum auction to assign frequencies, CA also proposes to assign the spectrum in a 5g spectrum auction.

Stakeholders can submit their comments until 15 September. After the evaluation of consultations, SCED and the CA will adopt their respective decisions in Q1 2021.

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