BEREC Net Neutrality Measurement Tool – Implementation Workshops

The new BEREC Net Neutrality Measurement Tool will be available later in 2019. Many European regulators are waiting for this, as they are planning to implement the crowd-sourcing tool at their agency. Alternatively, they might have an existing system and are not sure what the best approach in regard to the new tool would be.

Now it is the perfect time for regulators to start planning the implementation in their own country. Specure is the optimal implementation partner, with rich experience from previous projects and innovative solutions. That is why from September, Specure offers a series of introductory, on-premise workshops for its customers and partners.

Several European NRAs trust Specure’s expertise in providing crowd-sourced operating measurement systems. Since the company inception in 2014, we implemented various national measurement tools based on open-source code. Our customer base comprise:
• RTR, Austria with RTR Netztest;
• AKOS, Slovenia with AKOS Test Net;
• RATEL, Serbia with Ratel Nettest;
• RU Slovakia with Merac Internetu&Mobiltest;
• NKOM, Norway with Nettfart Mobile;
• Project MoQoS in multiple countries, Open Nettest;
• EKIP, Montenegro with EKIP Nettest.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with us and we can start planning your own complimentary workshop in September.

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