Poland: Consulting and execution of a spectrum auction in 3.4-3.8GHz band (2018-2021)


Specure has been involved in the frequency auction of the 3.4-3.8GHz band in 2019-2021 in Poland. Specure’s in-house software was used in the process, with customisations according to UKE’s in-house rules and the Polish legislative. The project consisted of two on-site workshops; the delivery of software followed by a software testing please. In addition the … Read more

Belgium: Consulting and execution of a series of spectrum auctions (2018-2021)


Consortium Auctiometrix – Specure has been involved in the consulting and preparation of a series of spectrum auctions of 700MHz, 900MHz, 1400MHz, 1800MHz, 2GHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz and 3600MHz bands. The project consisted of consultancy services, incl. two on-site workshops, software delivery and testing. The project is still ongoing.

Portugal: Consulting to a multi-band spectrum auction (2019-2020)


Specure was involved in the consultation related to the preparation of a frequency auction of the 450 MHz, 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 1500 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz (TDD), 2600 MHz, 3.6 GHz and 26 GHz bands in Portugal. The project consisted of several milestones, including two on-site workshops, several telephone consultations and written recommendations … Read more

Tanzania: Auction software services and execution of a spectrum auction in 700MHz band (2018)


Our software and the team expertise helped to deliver one of the few successful frequency auctions in Africa. The auction finished with all four blocks sold. Another positive aspect of the auction was that a new entrant appeared, a local Tanzanian company, who got frequencies for building a new 4G network.

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