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US raises a record amount in C-band auction

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The US regulator FCC announced end of the bidding phase of the auction 107 for the 3.7 GHz band. The auction ended with a record amount totalling USD 80.9bn. As a result, the regulator will award in total 5,684 licences for 15 years.

The auction 107 bidding phase started on 8 December 2020 and ended on 15 January after 97 clock rounds. The assignment phase will follow. The spectrum pool included in total 280 MHz of mid-bands spectrum in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band.

FCC awards the spectrum in three unpaired blocks divided into 20 MHz sub-blocks by partial economic area in the contiguous states and the District of Columbia. Therefore, a total of 5,684 licences thus includes 14 sub-blocks in each of 406 available partial economic areas.

The licensees will use the acquired spectrum on a technologically neutral basis, including for 5G. The license coverage requirements are defined separately for point-to-multipoint services and for internet of things services.

Namely, a licensee offering point-to-multipoint services will have to provide the following coverage:

For the provision of IoT services, the licensee will have to provide the following coverage:

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