How to Access the Service Desk


This guide assumes that you are an existing customer of Martes Specure and your email address has been registered to use our services. If it is not the case and you would like to register, please contact us at [email protected].

Step 1: Seting your password (One time only)

Before you can start using our services, you will need to set a new password. The password has to fullfil the following requirements:

  • Be at least 8 charaters long
  • Contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters and at least one digit
  • Cannot contain part of you user name or email address

Step 1.1

To set or change your password, please use the following link:

Set my password

Step 1.2

Please use your email address as the Login ID and click on ‘Reset password’

Step 1.3

After you clicked on the button, please check your email and follow the instructions there. You will have to confirm your new password by clicking on a link in the email.

Note: Please note that you do not have to login to this system after changing your password.

Step 2: Access the Service Desk

After you have set your password, you can access the Serive Desk here:

Martes Specure Service Desk

To log in, use your email address and the password you set earlier.