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Promotion Spring 2022

We are happy to anounce a time-limited promotion of our speedtest hardware solution. The hardware probes use the same methodology and run the same reliable software as our mobile and web clients. The customers can order a pack of three probes. The pack also includes an access to the online portal and a final measurment report in PDF format.

To learn more and submit your order, please book an online meeting and we will assist you further.

Speedtest Hardware

3x Measurement Probe

Delivered to your door

Online Results

3 Months Access to

Online Portal

Ad-hoc Reporting

Final Report


QoS Measurements

Informative reports

Measurement Probe

Very reliable measurement performance. The device is designed for this one and only thing so it’s not using bandwidth or CPU with other things thus it will not provide incorrect results.

Always on. It takes measurements 24/7. Great granularity so you can observe performance based on hours, days, location, operator, etc.

It has multiple gigabit wired ports and a 5G modem so it can take measurements for multiple operators, including mobile operators.

Much lower power consumption than a regular PC so the total cost of ownership is low.

We have been running many of these units and the hardware has proven reliable. This unit has a metal case.

Compact form factor. Given how many operators can measure simultaneously the unit is quite compact and can be easily installed in various locations such as offices, institutions, homes, etc.

Online Measurement Reports

Online reports: Download / Upload, QoS, Ping, Jitter, Packet Loss.

History of measurements.

Final report

Visual and comprehensive report.

Clean layout easy to read and understand.


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