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EXPO 2020: Specure in Dubai

Specure at Expo 2020

The Expo 2020 trip to Dubai was rich in experiences. The goal of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce was clear: help Austrian businesses with business development in the MENA area.

Pearl of all trips was obviously Expo 2020, that we did manage to fully enjoy in 2 days. It was wonderful to learn more about different countries and their culture. We, in particular, visited the ones that we are already cooperating with, Bahrain, Norway, Slovenia and others.

Here I must admit that my heart was fully stolen by Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion. Showing where you came from, treasuring what you have now and bravely jumping into a vision where you would like to be tomorrow. All this with no words, but in the language of images that are understandable for each age and every background. Thank you for the wonderful journey!

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