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Czech 5G spectrum auction ends with five winners

Bridges of Prague over VLtava river at fall day, Czech Republic

On Friday, 13. November 2020, the national regulator CTU announced the results of the Czech 5G spectrum auction. The regulator distributed all available blocks in the 700 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz bands. As a result, five operators won the valuable spectrum for 5G networks. However, two operators ended up empty-handed.

CTU launched the 5G auction process in August. The bidders could apply until the end of September.

The auction conditions attracted seven participants in total, namely the big three mobile operators, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2; and in addition four smaller operators.

The traditional MNOs won spectrum from both bands. As a result of the bidding, they distributed the whole available spectrum in the 700 MHz band. Therefore, two smaller operators – CentroNet and Nordic Telecom 5G – could acquire blocks only from the 3400-3600 MHz band. The remaining two operators – Sev.en Innovations and Poda – did not win any block.

The total auction proceeds of the Czech 5G spectrum auction amount to nearly CZK 5.6bn (EUR 212.5m). T-Mobile will pay the highest amount – CZK 1.89bn (EUR 71.7m) for 2×10 MHz in the 700 MHz band and three 20 MHz blocks in the 3400-3600 MHz band.

Vodafone’s spectrum costs amount to CZK 1.56bn (EUR 59.2m) for two 2×5 MHz blocks in the 700 MHz band and one 20 MHz block in the 3400-3600 MHz.

O2 ended with the amount of CZK 1.342bn (EUR 50.9m) for one 2×10 MHz block in the 700 MHz and one 20 MHz block in the 3400-3600 MHz band.

And as regards the winners of exclusively the 3400-3600 MHz band, the results were as follows. CentroNet won four 20 MHz blocks for CZK 628m (EUR 23.8m) and Nordic Telecom 5G won one 20 MHz block for CZK 168m (EUR 6.4m).

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